Side Note

Can I be a 13 year old girl for a second?!


Are best friends supposed to be this good looking?
(Don’t worry, Yuyo knows my obsession. I won’t get in trouble.)

If you don’t know who these Rico Suaves are, they are Diego Luna (left) and Gael Garcia Bernal (right). And they’re both Mexi, might I add!!  You need to educate yourself on their movies. If you haven’t seen the following peliculas (movies) you need to soon: “Amores Perros” (one of my favorite movies), “Y Tu Mama Tambien” (don’t watch this one with your parents…), “Rudo y Cursi” (I will discuss below), and “The Science of Sleep” (just Gael, in French) among others.

I watched “Rudo y Cursi” tonight. Diego and Gael play 2 brothers who are from small Mexican ranching town that get drafted into the professional Mexican soccer league. It’s about their rise to fame, how they deal with it, and their relationship along the way. I really recommend it. Just made me google image these boys. They’re precious.


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