one hundred and forty seven

(It’s May 28th.)

First of all, thanks to everyone who ever served in the military. You deserve this day more than all of us regular people that you fought for.

We went down to Mim and Pap’s pool. Glorious first day of laying out. With the weirdest burn lines ever. I swear, I put lotion evenly on my skin, but it NEVER tans evenly. Anybody else have that problem?! I mean, luckily, my burns always turn to tan, but it’s so weird! hahaha.

We met Joy down at the pool (thank the LORD!–I hadn’t seen her in a month!) and we laid out and then ate a delicious French Dip dinner. Crock pot French Dip. Hooooly moses. It was sooo tasty! I didn’t take any pics today, but I wish I had.


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