one hundred and forty eight

(It’s May 29th.)

So we were supposed to have the Kiesshauers and Mandy Cook over for dinner tonight (depending on when Brin Kiesshauer decided to come into the world with her due date being tomorrow), but Brin decided she’d just start to join the world today! So congratulations to Ryan and Bethany. Can’t wait to see her!! [Detail: Brin was actually born tomorrow @ 8:20. Because I’m in the future…I already know that!] So we cancelled the dinner, but we had the food already made!! Dud and I were just slaving away in the kitchen! haha. So the Bowens came over.

Best quote of the night goes to Lisa Bowen. Now, Lisa is known for her amaaazing quotes. Seriously. I have burned more cals laughing with her than anyone else in the world.

Lisa (out of the blue at the dinner table): “So whose water broke??”

hahahhaa. Straight to the point. We laughed for 5 minutes straight.


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