one hundred and thirty seven

(It’s May 18th.)

Yuyo only had to work until 3 today, so when he got home, we went to run some errands.

If you’ve ever lived/studied abroad/spent a good amount of time in Mexico (I’m sure this is true for some other countries too…) you come to realize that the 2 WORST places to deal with are the bank and Telcel. At both of these places, nothing is EVER easy. Nothing can be solved by one person. Nothing seems to have an answer. And there is always a fine that needs to be paid for something you forgot to do or didn’t pay for the last time you were in. Kinda like the 90’s version of Blockbuster. So needless to say, Yuyo went into the bank to deposit a check into his account and we ended up having to saty there for 30 minutes trying to solve the problem of his blocked debit card.

We finished with that, ate some dinner, and saw the Avengers. Good night.

Oh. The only good thing from the bank experience. You’re welcome.




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