one hundred and twenty seven

(It’s May 8th.)

Yuyo took me out to eat sushi tonight. I have a high expectation when it comes to sushi. It’s all because of this little place called Sushi Itto. 2×1 Tuesdays and Thursdays. Creamy, chipotle mayo based sauces, mango infused rolls, not a ton of rice, cold Coca Zero. Everything about that place is just the most.

Just take a look at these rolls and tell me your mouth doesn’t water at least a little.



Annnnd yes. My favorite roll on the left. Mango, salmon, sweet salsa de tamarindo.

All this to say, the sushi at this new place didn’t live up to Sushi Itto, but fear not…there is one in Monterrey!!!!! Yuyo’s so sweet though!


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