One hundred and twenty two

(It’s May 3rd.)

I went up to my ole Alma Mater, Fayette County High School, today to visit one of my favorite people ever, Coach Flynn. He is the basketball coach there. I know what you’re thinking, “Brittan, I KNOW you didn’t play basketball, so why is he one of your favorite people ever?”. Well, it’s because he was also the tennis coach! And, little known fact, I played high school tennis. All 4 years of high school. So you know what that means? We were really bad! hahaha. There were some good girls on the team, but I can count on my 2 hands how many matches I won in 4 years…it was so fun though!

So anyways, I made him some chocolate chip cookies and stayed and talked for a couple hours. We always just end up laughing half of the time we talk. He’s awesome.


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