one hundred and nineteen

(It’s April 30th.)

I got a lottt of shopping done today! I bought some stuff for graduation presents and also lots of little surprises for Yuyo. I had to make up for lots of things…housewarming present(s), a congratulations on your new job present, and a birthday present!

But…more importantly I FOUND JEANS!!! 2 pair that looked good. I found like 4 pair at Kohl’s. The J. Lo brand and Elle brand are really good. I asked all of the fat bottomed girls on FB where they bought their jeans because I was totally dreading it, and the consensus was pretty much just GAP. Now, I don’t have $70 to drop on jeans right now in my life, so I was determined to find something cheaper. And I did! One pair for $23 and another for $30.

Vera Wang

Elle, but in a different color

Like I said, the Elle pair I got in a different color (jean wash), but I really want them in white because they fit so well…and I’m not a white jeans kinda girl. By any means.


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