One Hundred and Eight

Soooo I know that most of you won’t believe this, but I have a new show. It’s a show I always wanted to watch during college, but sometimes I didn’t have cable and I didn’t really watch a lot of TV in college and I was in Mexico for some of it. Anyways, it’s Brothers & Sisters. I LOVE Sally Field. And Rob Lowe. And the guy that plays Justin, Dave Annable (mostly bc he reminds me of Jack from Lost).

He looks like Jack Shepherd, right? At least a little?

Sometimes it’s annoying that they talk over each other and the problems that they get themselves into are frustrating, and I’m not even saying it’s the best show I’ve watched in the past year. Butttt, I like it a lot. So, it’s on Netflix if you don’t know what to watch. (But I’d recommend Friday Night Lights, Lost, Downton Abbey, Grey’s Anatomy, Private Practice, etc. before this one.)

Just plain good.


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