One Hundred and Six

Today is April 16th AND I’m caught up on my blog. (Well, technically it’s the wee hours of the morning of April 17th, but we’ll just say that I’m still living Monday.)

Yuyo found out he’s moving to Monterrey. After tears of sadness because I probably won’t be going back to Puebla anytime in the near future, I’m starting to get excited. I looked on a real estate website for apartments for him all afternoon. I wish I could go down there and help him look! I loooove scouting new dwelling spaces! (Weird side note: “real estate” in Spanish is “bienes raices”. I think that’s so weird!)

This one is both of our favorite, but we both think it’s waaay too good to be true!!


One thought on “One Hundred and Six

  1. Esto me huele a compromiso… que lindo soy no!?

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