(It’s March 31st.)

Mannnn. Last day of the month!! It’s crazy that it will be April tomorrow.

I babysat this morning which consisted of:

  • watching Richie Rich
  • eating at Felini’s
  • playing Atlantaopoly
  • getting ice cream at Dr. Bombay’s
  • watching the end of Happy Feet 2

Pretty good day if I do say so myself. Also, we started the process of painting Stratton’s room!! It’s coming along slowly but surely. More pics to follow.

At night, I went out to a bar/club called Flip Flops with Kimber and her friend (and now my friend too!) Liz. Now, Lisa has been to this place and I always made fun of her for it, but can I just say best time ever? Ok. I’ll say it. It was sooo fun! They play amazing music and the people were fun and it was just a really great night! We will be returning.


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