Eighty Nine

(It’s March 30th.)

Met the Bowens for dinner tonight at Chili’s. Now, Chili’s is not my favorite even though Megan, Colleen, and I ate it pretty much every week we were in Mexico (mainly because they had endless tortilla chips and salsa and fountain drinks), BUT they have a killer Presidente Margarita there. I mean, good! Not too sweet and a little bit salty.

I then headed up to ATL to have a slumber party with Kimber because I had to be at Brad and Betty’s to babysit at like 7:30 am the next morning. Of course Kimber and I didn’t go to bed until like 2 am partially because a metal can right outside of her window fell onto the driveway outside and we thought someone was about to break in. We both jumped up out of bed with our cell phones and huddled in the corner trying to decide what to do next. Kimber looked out the window and, thank god, there was no one there! We proceeded to talk about escape plans until we fell asleep.


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