Eighty Seven

I finished The Hunger Games today!! I read half of the book in about 3 hours. It. Was. Awesome!!!!

So I can’t decide if I’m a Peeta fan or a Gale fan. I haven’t seen the actors that are in the movie because I wanted to envision the characters for myself (bc I didn’t get to do that with Harry Potter), and I imagine Gale looking like Prince Caspian. So that kind of makes me love him.

Pretty bad a shot of Chronicles of Narnia characters.
Aslan, Lucy, Edmund, Prince Caspian (L to R)

But then there’s Peeta. He’s so sweet and in love and just vulnerable. I imagine him looking like Goyle from Harry Potter which is weird, because I’m pretty sure he’s supposed to be attractive and I’m also pretty sure I could come up with someone better looking.

Really, Brittan?? That's what you came up with?

But this is definitely NOT what I had in mind for either one of these characters…

Gale and Peeta

…but the more that I look at them, the more they kind of look like Goyle and Prince Caspian. They’re not sooo far fetched.

 I immediately started the second book. Bring it on Thursday, let’s see if I can finish in one day.

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