Eighty five

Red. Hot. Yoga.

Hooooly moly people. It was intense. But, a different kind of intense than Boot Camp or running. It was 90 minutes of pure sweat. I’m talking there was not a dry place on my body at the end of that class.
-sports bra
…were soaking wet. My fingers were shriveled. And it felt so good. Lisa and I were loopy after class. We rode around ATL in our sports bras because we were so wet with sweat. haha.

Contrary to what you see, there is no headband in my hair.

There were a couple times that I felt a little nauseous and faint, but I rested through one pose, and it rejuvinated me. I was pretty proud of myself. Of course, in a class of about 50 people in a yoga studio, there were those beautiful yoga sculpted bodied women that make you not want to look in the mirror. Especially in the 105 degree heat, you can imagine the booty shorts and sports bras that were going on. But, I tried to not compare (isn’t that the story of our lives) and focus on me. After all, yoga is about yourself and your limits. Not the girl with perfect form that can do things I seriously didn’t know were possible.

I’m not gonna lie, there were some points in the class I really didn’t want to be there…like when you look frantically for a clock and discover there isn’t one?! But, overall I felt rejuvinated and introspective. And, like all exercise but heightened with this particular practice, the euphoric feeling after 90 minutes of sweaty goodness compares to nothing.

If you’re looking for a studio, this is a great option. Downside: it’s expensive, but I got a groupon!! 20 classes for $60…but it was a 70% discount. Usually 20 classes are about $200. I’m scared I’m going to fall in love and then not be able to support my habit! Eek!!


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