Seventy Seven

What a glorious day!!

  • Free hot(ish) yoga class at Red Hot Yoga with Lis. If you’re in the market for a great studio, check them out. It’s not overwhelming or pretentious. Very low key. And hot.
  • New dress at T.J. Maxx.
  • Ice coffee from Starbucks.
  • Trip to see a friend’s apartment. And it was beautiful, Stevie!! Very niiice.
  • Over to Lenox to look at overpriced work out clothes. $90 for yoga pants? Seriously? I don’t even want to pay $20.
  • Felini’s for din din. I ventured into the no cheese zone with my slice today. It tasted like bread sticks. Didn’t realize how much I loved tomato sauce.
  • A jog at Lake Peachtree. (Almost threw up, but hey, at least I finished.)
  • Finally, TCBY birthday cake yogurt with rainbow sprinkles to finish off the wonderful day.

The only thing that would have made the day better would have been jumping on a trampoline and laying on it after sunset. It was the perfect temp. That’s the best. The smell of summer, grass, and trampoline.


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