There are days when I miss Mexico with all of my being. It hurts because I just miss the culture, the food, even my kids! Today I got a sweet email from one of my students. It made my day. Probably even made my week.

Note: ST is basically the equivalent of an “A” on our report cards. It just means “strong”.

There’s really nothing better than being told what this note says. It makes me feel like even though my experience wasn’t wonderful personally, I really made a difference in my kids’ lives. I will love them forever because they were my first class. I told them that when I left that I would always remember every single one of them because they were my first class ever and no one could take their place. The random posts on my Facebook wall and their random emails and Facebook messages just makes me miss them even more. It makes me teary eyed!


One thought on “Seventy

  1. Sherry says:

    That first year of teaching IS special. Actually without sounding “corny” that is what makes teaching so rewarding….hearing from former students how you made a difference in their lives. It happens randomly and unexpectedly….that’s what makes it mean so much. Glad you had that experience….many more to come!

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