Sixty Four

Today was a Lifetime movie day. In my opinion, days like this are the best of days. Lisa and I watched “Another Woman’s Husband” (Lisa Rinna) and “Black Widow” (Elizabeth Berkley aka Jesse Spano) followed by “Army Wives” and now “Blue Eyed Butcher”. Lifetime movies cerca late 90’s and early 2000’s are the absolute best. Besides Christmas Lifetime, of course.

Always fulfilling.



2 thoughts on “Sixty Four

  1. Lisa Bowen says:

    i love that the cover to that movie they are submerged in water. it sums up the movie nicely.

  2. This movie (Another Woman’s Husband) is one of my all time favorite Lifetime movies! I also love the other Lisa Rinna movie where her real-life husband stars as her husband in the movie who suffers from a sex addiction. IT’S AMAZING!

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