Sixty One

So I’ve known my cousin, Stratton, since she was born on January 30, 2000. Her whole, entire life. It’s crazy when you reach that age that you’re like those old aunts at the family reunions that pinch your cheeks and say “I’ve known you since you were thiiiiiis big…”. That’s how I feel. When I look at her (already taller than me AND wearing a larger shoe size), I just can’t believe I’ve been a part of her life for her whole life! We got to go out to dinner tonight and just talk. We talked about school and life and family. We talked like we were old friends. It was a beautiful dinner, because it was so mudane, yet so new and exciting. I can’t wait to be a part of the next 12 years of her life to see where it takes her (she’ll basically be the age I am now…weird!). Somewhere great, I’m sure!


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