Fifty Eight

(It’s Feb. 27th)

Today was a glorious day.

#1: It is Lisa Bowen’s 23rd bdayyyyy!!! She is the chocolate to my milk, the funfetti icing to my anything, the vodka to my mineral water with a twist of lime. I love her. I got to go out to dinner with her and the familia and that brings me to number 2.

#2: We. Ate. Double. Doozie. Cookie. Cake. And we all got sick. hahaha. But it was sooooo worth itttt! If you don’t know what the proper name for 2 cookies with icing in the middle, it would be called a double doozie. Learn something new every day, huh? Now, Lisa and I have a very long and satisfying relationship with double doozies  from GACC (the Great American Cookie Company). We all go waaaay back. This was nothing short of one of the best things I’ve ever eaten.

#3: On a completely unrelated note, I got an acceptance letter from GSUUUU! haha. I was worried, ya know??

Gonna paint it blue. Again.


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