Forty Two

(It’s Feb. 11th.)

Saturday brought snow flurries. And laughing. Lotttttts of laughing. It always seems to happen that way in the presence of Lisa and Nathan. Separately and together!

Saturday, we finally got to eat Chinese dumplings. Not just normal dumplings, but the best dumplings we’ve ever eaten. And bread. Ohhh the bread. We hoped that it would never end. We ate at Ning’s studio and then Lisa took her math test in a “quiet” place. Of course, as soon as she started, the next door neighbors started hammering, laughing, watching a Mexican comedy show. All we could do was laugh. Hard.

Night time brought a poetry reading (but mostly a friend’s band playing), watching YouTube vids of Aziz Ansari and King Curtis, and more laughing.

Quote of the day: “You’re going running? In the snow?” -Nathan, to Lisa and me. Needless to say, we didn’t go.

Come to discover, we didn’t take any pictures!


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