Forty Six

(It’s Feb. 15th.)

Lisa and I woke up early and went to the airport. She didn’t get on the first flight, but she got on my flight so we were off.

Up at 10,000 feet in my row there was almost a physical altercation between a random man and a preacher. I woke up to grown people screaming at each other about a stolen book. The preacher wayyyy over reacted and I was just staring at the window hoping the other people wouldn’t think I was part of the church group on the plane. Sooo bizzare. It was funny, but kind of sickening. This preacher is on the radio every Sunday and I never really liked his persona and his whole super Southern accent, but that experience sealed the deal.

The following are some left over pics from NY that I really liked. Just a random collection.

Wooden escalators at Macy's. Best part about the store!

Central Park

Lighting a candle for Gam

Library windows

LIsa talking on the phone at St. Pat's

Christmas lights make everything better

Lego Land


One thought on “Forty Six

  1. The escalator is AMAZING!

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