Forty One

(It’s Feb. 10th.)

We made it to NYC last night just in time for a lovely dinner at a Thai restaurant. Deeeelicious.

Today Lisa and I walked around and got lost. A lot. But, we stumbled onto a lot of things we wanted to see! And that’s the important thing. Here are some photos of our day.

The start of the day brought us to a random church that looked pretty. Grace Pres or maybe Lutheran Church?

Peaceful huh?

We then made our way down the streets using Google Maps on my phone and saw some landmarks.

Empire State


Speaks for itself

NY girlll

Bryant Park

Sunny streets

We ventured to the library. One of the sights we wanted to visit on our trip. It’s free, historic, and beautiful…doesn’t get any better. We also saw Victoria Beckham’s people setting up for her fashion show for Fashion Week.

Bryant Park Library

Library steps


Studious new yorkers

We took a stroll through Rockefeller Center, marveled at the Christmas lights, and stumbled upon St. Patrick’s Cathedral, which was also on the list. We even stayed for Mass!

Rockefeller Center

St. Pat's Cathedral

After mass, we decided to meet Nathan somewhere, so we walked. Because we couldn’t find a subway entrance and didn’t want to ask. Passive?? Nahhh.
I won’t speak totally for Lisa, but we DID witness and experience the best thing that has ever happened to us. Native South Americans from Peru singing and performing their language and tribal songs. Nathan said that they are actually from New York and were just singing gibberish. That’s what NY will do to you, folks. Make you skeptical about the most amazing experience of your life.

The best thing that has ever happened to me.

We finished the day off with Indian food, Chocolate Stout Beer, and roof access to gaze at the skyline (my personal fave). Busy, busy day!





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