Forty Four

(It’s Feb. 13th.)

Monday brought with it this panic that we are leaving in 2 days! We have so much to see, to do, to EAT! Whatever will happen to us?! So, we did the only thing we could do: EAT PIZZA. Not just pizza, but the best pizza ever. Evvvver. Ever.

Drigg's Pizza

Monday=walking. We walked, and walked, and walked. A good thing. A great thing! Our trek started at the Brooklyn Bridge. It was windy and there was not a cloud in the sky. Beautiful day!

American Flag

City scape

Bridge times

And of course we had to take some jumping pics. We’re on the BB for goodness sake!

Jump shot

Jump Shot 2


Brooklyn Bridge

We walked into the city, tried and tried to find a Delta Credit Union friendly ATM, saw the Financial district, walked through China Town and into Little Italy. We had to visit the homeland for Lisa’s sake…and for Canolis’ sake. Ohhh yes. They were delicious.

Rough looking in Little Italy

Italian fire hydrant

We then hopped on the subway and visited Central Park. About 30 minutes into it, we were totally over it, so we started walking South. Little known fact (to us): if you go into the wrong subway entrance and can’t transfer within the station to the other direction and have to resurface and go back into another entrance, you have to wait 18 minutes to go into the subway again. We were pissed. We had been walking all day, and I led us into the wrong entrance. My fault. So we walked some more.

Anyways, all of that walking made both of our blood sugar levels get crankily low. We were mad at each other for about 10 minutes because we couldn’t find a place to eat. Seriously mad. Ning recommended a cuban restaurant right around the area we were walking. Heaven I tell ya. Heaven!! They had HUGE sandwiches, fries, and Mexi Coca Cola!!!

Cuban bliss and Mexi coke

Central Park

Next purchase. Wolf leotard. Spotted walking to get coffee.

We finished out our night with the best chai latte I’ve ever had the pleasure of tasting and some good ole girl talk. Lovely evening. Also, they were playing 90’s music the WHOLE time. Goood 90’s music, too. As you can see…

Singing 90's music drinking the best Chai latte on the planet

Quote of the day : “Dit, there’s food on your computer.” –N. Linkous


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