Forty Five

(It’s Feb. 14th.)

Today was operation “I need to find out everything I can about grad school today because I won’t be back in NY for awhile”. Today, after a looong commute, we arrived at Brooklyn College. It’s a quaint little campus waaaay out in Brooklyn. Right across the street from Target. I’m pretty sure the one of the only if not the only Target in the city’s vicinity!! Sign from God…I think so.

Started at Jefferson Ave. (@ top left) and ended up at Brooklyn College. An hour later.


Brooklyn College

Very green and Collegey

The director at BC was really passionate about her job. I love that. We talked about everything I need to do to get into the Art Education program and about the state of education in the U.S. She and the other director both have PhDs from Teachers College at Columbia, so she said the program is a Teachers College program (but for like a 3rd of the price…). The plan now is to take 21 hours of core art classes to be able to submit a portfolio and have the requirements I need to be qualified.

…and then there’s Hunter College. Ohhhh my goodness…Hunter College. I fell in love with the campus. Completely and absolutely. They don’t have an Art Ed program. Of course they don’t! Don’t get me wrong. Brooklyn College was pretty and all, but Hunter is on Park Ave. Hunter College is urban. Hunter College is all grey and cement-y. Right up my alley. I talked to the directors of the Bilingual Ed and TESOL programs. It’s so tempting because I wouldn’t have to take any more undergrad. I could apply today and probably get in (to TESOL at least). I have experience, I have prereqs, I have a CV that is totally and utterly TESOL minded, BUT I don’t know if that’s where my heart is. And the program is really big. 220 people big to be exact. The Art Ed program is only 24. Job ops would be way better with a TESOL degree than Art Ed, but I don’t want to be stuck with a Masters (and debt) in something I don’t enjoy. Oh life decisions…now I’m ranting.


We ate our V-Day dinner at some hotdog stand, but we ordered Philly Cheese Steaks and beer battered fries.

Valentine dinner. Philly cheese!

Then we walked a LONG distance to buy some cupcakes. Genuine home-style bakery cupcakes from a place called Magnolia Bakery. The place was full of women. Our guess was single women who wanted cupcakes instead of chocolate for Valentine’s Day.

Valentine dessert: Magnolia Bakery cupcakes

Chocolate and Vanilla

We went home, curled up by the heater, ate our sugary cupcakes, and watched Felicity.




2 thoughts on “Forty Five

  1. Patrick Linton says:

    Brooklyn College is where my mom went to college aaaaaand near where I lived as a child aaaand one of the places I’m considering for grad school too.

  2. I love that Felicity made it into the trip and Vday!

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