Thirty Seven

I made a glorious dinner tonight consisting of meatloaf, mashed potatoes, asparagus, and oriental salad. Complete with chocolate chip cookie pie. Mim and Pap came over to partake in the feast. They are both funny and so good to be around. Pappy told us a story about when they were first married, he came home from work one night and Mim was already asleep. Being the rambunctious 23 year old that he was, he decided that since she looked so peaceful he would pour water on her face while she was sleeping. We were like “Pappy!!!!!! That is soooo mean!!”. Well, obviously she woke up and was as mad as a hornet, so he said “Ok, I know you’re going to get your revenge, go ahead and pour it on me now…”. So he laid down and put a towel around his neck and she poured water on his head. Hahaha. I love listening to stories like that.

Quite an attractive pair


2 thoughts on “Thirty Seven

  1. I can’t believe I had to miss last night!!!! First of all, that dinner sounds beyond tasty and that story is HILARIOUS!!!!! Such an inspirational couple. I’m going to go hang with them Sat after the race and invited my race buddy, Michelle, to come with me. I asked her, “Are you prepared to see the coolest people ever?”

  2. Sherry says:

    They are the best inlaws ever! So glad they are in my life.

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