Twenty Seven

(Pretend it’s January 27th)

We woke up suuuper early to come to Boston today, but the flight was empty, so we got to spread out and take it easy. Upon arrival, it was rainy (yuck!!), but we made the best of it. We ate at a delicious breakfast place, checked into the hotel, took a short nap, met Karen’s parents and roomies, and then went to the Boston College vs. University of New Hampshire hockey game. Now I had never seen a hockey game before in my life and it was INTENSE!! BC scored a goal in the last 40 seconds to win the game and the crowd went wild. I loved it. And our seats were great!

Dud also got to hang out and catch up with an old buddy from the Navy. He works as a chef at Boston College (he was the cook on the submarine). One of the funny things about Dud’s Navy friends is that they all call him Charlie. And, apparently, one of the perks of working at Boston College is that your kids go to school for FREE. That is insane.

BC Hockey

Jim and Charlie (what they called Dud in the Navy)



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