Today was DUD’S BDAYYYYY!!!!  The fam and Mim and Pap went to Frank’s to eat dinner. And ate. And ate. And ate. It was delightful. I got to drive Mim and Pap to the restaurant. I just love talking to them. They really are the best grandparents ever. If you think your grandparents are wonderful, multiply by 10 and you have Mimi and Pappy. Dud is by far one of my favorite people on the planet. He is so perfectly weird and funny and if you know him, you know that. For example, when I got my salad tonight, I dug in and he was neighing like Crumpet when I go and feed her (a really low like horse neighing sound). When Pappy was praying for the food and thanking God for Dud, Dud was at our end of the table making high pitched farting noises. He’s literally the best.

Charlie always takes up close and personal pics of Dud


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